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Optical Properties Measurement: Materials Solutions for a Sustainable Energy Future
Sonnergy provides a range of services in support of sustainable energy solutions for the built environment. Our expertise is founded in materials properties and high quality optical properties measurements. Principal areas of interest include glass and glazing, spectrally selective solar absorbers for solar thermal applications, solar protection devices, e.g. shading and blinds, solar energy technologies, with emphasis on refurbishment, selection criteria and energy performance. Sonnergy staff provide consultancy and support to clients in the buildings, surface finishing, plastics, aerospace and automotive industries.

Specialist areas of interest and expertise include

Optical properties measurement

Spectrally selective surfaces:

  • Glass, glazing and solar protection devices (blinds and shutters)
  • Solar absorbers
  • Radiative cooling
  • Smart materials, e.g. electrochromic devices

Energy efficiency and  renewable energy sources

Information management and database development

Conference organisation and event management



Optical Properties Measurement Services

Sonnergy offers a comprehensive measurements service to determine the ultraviolet, visible, solar and thermal optical properties of materials. The Solar Energy Materials Research Laboratory houses state-of-the-art spectrophotometric instrumentation capable of determining total, diffuse, regular and angle dependent UV/Vis/NIR and IR measurements with traceable calibration. Calculations are undertaken in accordance with European (CEN), International Standards (ISO) and DS procedures.


Optical properties include:

Solar transmittance, reflectance and absorptance


Visible transmittance, reflectance and absorptance


Ultraviolet transmittance, reflectance and absorptance


Emissivity (Thermal emittance)


Colour (Chromaticity coordinates)

Further details of the measurements offered can be found here.



Sonnergy is engaged in a wide range of research activities related to buildings in the areas of energy efficiency, daylight and facades. Sonnergy also provides services support to international organisations such as The Solar Energy Society (UK-ISES) and the International Commission on Glass.



Laboratory facilities can be viewed here.

Perkin Elmer Lambda 900 UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer







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